""The Biggest Secret to Make Your Ex Go Crazy for You Again!""
michael griswold
-Michael Griswold
Creator of the Exclusive
M3 Breakup-Solution System

When advice such as "Forget about them!" or "There's plenty of fish in the sea!" just doesn't cut it, and you can't stand to go another day without being back with the one you love, then I have just the solution for you...


The COMPLETE course designed to walk you through the necessary steps to un-do your breakup and set the foundation for a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship where you'll never have to worry about getting your heart broken again.

Inside, you'll discover...

Module #1 is all about Mindset! It includes 6 full-length videos & audios where you will discover...
dvd Video #1: Getting Your Ex Back is Easier Than You Think: The key is to discover the secrets of re-attraction-not just attraction!
Video #2: The Awesome Power of One Word: Discover the one word that completely changes the dynamic between you & your ex!
Video #3: What Happened? Understand what matters & what doesn't so you don't spend your time focusing on things that didn't have anything to do with the breakup!
Video #4: Temper-Tantrum Persuasion: How to persuade your ex without trying to convince them!
Video #5: Relaxation Meditation: Learn a 1,000 year old secret to help you relax & regain your composure
Video #6: Letting Go of Toxic Emotions: Discover the secret I paid $5,000 to learn to let go of those emotions that drive you crazy!
...and much more!
In Module #2, we take you step by step through the METHOD for re-attracting your ex like never before. Inside this module, you'll discover...
dvd Video #7: Should I Get Back with My Ex? There are three essential elements that you need in your relationship-otherwise of you and your partners are doomed for failure!
Video #8: Do I Still Have a Chance? Find out the one factor that determines whether you still have a chance with your ex
Video #9: Envision The Goal: Getting your ex back isn't enough! Without a proper plan, you'll get back together only to break up shortly afterwards. This video guides you through preventing that from happening!
Video #10: Why the "Break-Up" Letter Can Blow Up in your Face: In spite of what some "Guru's" teach, sending this "break-up letter" can actually kill your chances with your ex. This video explains why!
Video #11: N.C./L.C. Explained: What "N.C." & "L.C." really mean & how to Use them (HINT: It's not what you've been told!)
Video #12: Other Breakup Hurdles: What to do if you live/work/have kids with your Ex! you can still benefit form the power of no-contact or limited contact if you use this one trick!
Video #13: The Art of Re-Attraction: Attraction & Re-Attraction are not the same! Discover the secrets to re-attracting your ex so they start to want you again!
...and much more!
In Module #3, we go into depth about your "second chance." Your real goal is not to get back with your ex, but rather to be happy in a fulfilling, passionate relationship. In this module, you'll discover...
dvd Video #14: How to Get Your Ex to Call You: Two lights-out strategies to entice your ex into wanting to see you!
Video #15: The Call-Back: The step-by-step approach of what to do and say when your ex calls you back!
Video #16: Your First Date: Where to go & what to do when you meet up with your ex, including a few strategies to make yourself irresistible to them!
Video #17: Love & Long Distance: How to get your ex back even if you can't see them in person!
Video 18: Let's Talk About Sex! It's crucial to know when to and when NOT to have sex to be sure the rekindling passion doesn't vanish!
Video #19: What to do if None of This Works: The full-proof strategy to take if your ex is still non-responsive!
...and much more!
dvd eBOOK: Making Up Made Easy: Discover the simple steps to reunited with the one you love!
Special Report: What to Do When you See Your Ex with Someone Else
dvd 1. iPod Therapy: Instead of letting music become a painful reminder of your ex, this video teaches you how to leverage the impact of music. This empowers you, removing that desperate feeling of loneliness & isolation; replacing it with courage & strength!
2. The 3 Unforgivable Mistakes: Most mistakes are forgivable, but there are 3 key mistakes that will put the nail in the coffin of your relationship if you don't avoid them.
3. The Patented "Ex Lie Detector": Knowing when ex is lying to you gives you unparalleled power. Discover these three things that will instantly tell whether or not they are lying to your face.
4. The 1st Meet-Up Assessment: How to effectively read your ex's body language like a book to guarantee success with your next step!
5. The Drunk-Dial Diffuser: How to overcome your vulnerability and resist the temptation of drunk-dialing your ex.
...and much more!
dvd 1. "Your Questions Answered": Live Q&A Call with over 100 guests going through their break-ups!

2. Instant Relaxation Mediation: Going through a breakup can make it difficult to focus on anything in life. That's why, as a bonus we've added this 1,000 year old secret to instantly relieving your anxiety and replacing it with relaxation, poise and focus.

3. Creating Confidence Subconsciously: Confidence is an irresistible quality. Breakups can shatter our confidence. This mp3 helps you to restore it instantly making yourself more attractive.
4. Releasing mp3: Discover how to shake those Negative Emotions That Have a Death Grip on you!
  5. Making Up Made Easy Audio Mp3: An audio commentary of the Making Up Make Easy eBook

Facebook has been known to break up several jealous couples for reasons that are completely unnecessary!

After you get your heart broken, Facebook can twist the knife deeper as you continue to "stalk" your ex, watch for their updates, and slowly drive yourself insane as you witness them living their life without you.

In this very special VIDEO BONUS, we show you how to use Facebook to your advantage!

Knowing that your ex will be "stalking" your profile as well, there are certain tricks you can do to become desirable in the eyes of your ex once again!

This is a BONUS you are NOT gonna want to miss!!

m3 system

Your Stuff Works so WELL!!

Oh my GOD!! Your stuff works soooo well!! I haven't had any kind of contact with my ex, and she is already leaving emails, text messages, calls, all that! She is saying it was a mistake and that we should get back toguether and telling me how much she MISSES me.

I just got off the phone with her, and as much as I would have loved to say to her how much I missed her and wanted her now, I stood my ground and told her, that the best thing for us right now is to spend time with our families and friends, and that later we could consider giving this a shot. All of this in a calm tone of voice by the way. Anyway, I will still celebrate my birthday this weekend only with friends and family, keep on going to the gym (cause I used to go a lot, but started slacking out just to spend more time with her, look where that got me? lol), do some yoga, and simply work on myself so whenever we get back toguether not only will she have me back, but she will have that same positive, full of positive energy Carlos that she fell for.

Thank you so much Michael, I feel like I owe you so much more!

-Carlos T.

"Your Program WORKS!"

Hi Michael!
Been a while...but wanted to let you now that last weekend my Fiancee who dumped me in August was back in my arms last week, telling me how much she loved and missed me and making plans or the future.
I asked her why she feels like this now and guess what she said ?
She said, 'I saw the old Steve again...the one who was confident and made me laugh...and all the time I craved'. 
She had been out a lot and let her hair own and you were so right...this behaviour  ran its course. 
The thing is....its been 9 weeks since the split and i had dated a few women...one of which i have grown very fond of and has booked a lodge for a night away for us next week...so i now have a decision to make that is the toughest i have faced in my life. Both are making plans for my Birthday next week
1. I have my ex.... younger prettier and the history and memories together but a track record of dumping me with small issues between us too detailed for this email   
2. The new Girl...lots of mutual attraction and who I feel I have more in common with, but being new there is obviuosly no history 
Your programme WORKS ! and the advice you gave me has been both essential in helping me through the initial loss and awesome in its success and I would not be the same person now without it.
Thank you


Steve Ellis
Birmaingham, England

I just want to say thank you Michael

I just had a 1 hour conversation with Michael Griswold and I have to say it was very insightful and it was something that I'd definitely needed to hear. This is definitely gonna help me with my problem of relationships. Pretty much, everything that we're spoken about in the conversation, I knew I had to do, but I didn't have the courage to do it. And now, now I do and and I'm pretty sure that after I complete everything Michael Griswold that I should do. Everything work itself out in the end.

I just want to say thank you to Michael Griswold for helping me out of my situation and I hope nothing but for the best.

-La vinchi Banalo

You changed my love life!

Hi Michael, It's me, Nicky and I just wanted to let you know that I think you're awesome, you're phenomenal, you get to know exactly what you're talking about. So much of what you said it was so insightful and it's unfortunate that I shoud've do the things. You know, it seems I really need somebody that knows what they're talking about, but I think you have honestly gonna change my love life forever.

I don't think anything will be the same again and I just want to thank you so much for your time, so much for your advice and and I'm just was very thankfull that I came across your pages. I don't know what have I done, but I can just tell by the way, that what I'm feeling right now after having spoken to you that it's definitely gonna be different and I'm a lot less hurt from hurt breaks.

Thank you so much and keep doing what you doing. Bye.


Thank you! I have my Girl Back!

"Thank you so much for the M3 system! I have my girl back and want to make sure we can make it work. You're a gift to people that need light when they feel they are in the dark and have no where to look forward to. Thank you again.

-Adan S

I'm really planning to win him back!

Hi, thank you for your advice it really helps me to be who I am. I confess that I have a rocky situation with my long distance relationship right now. I do love this guy a lot but I have doubts about us. I'm really planning to win him back because I want him to be my man for the rest of my LIFE. Thank you again!!


Your Program Worked!

I just want to say that your program worked, not all the things i followed to a "T." I did use the "no contact" rule, and gave her space to let some of the resentment she felt towards me dissipate. We had our first date, went to a Calgary Flames game, and it went well......maybe too well. i know that staying the night might have been too much too soon, but it was hard to resist.

Anyways i want to thank you, for the ideas of the new clothes on the first date, and keeping a good attitude, i know it helped a lot, for her to see the man she used to love. even if it was more night, all this was worth it, and if it is forever then i am eternally grateful.


My 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked
Money Back Guarantee:

I am so confident in the results you will receive from the Complete M3 System, that I am offering you my personal Guarantee:

"If you are not the LEAST bit satisfied with The M3 System or any of the content provided in the Member's Area..."

"Then I will give you a 100% REFUND! No. Questions. ASKED!"

If you simply follow along in the videos provided in the course, you are already one step closer to getting back to the one you love and obtaining a more passionate, fulfilling relationship.

I am putting all of the risk on MYSELF with this Guarantee. I am confident that once you start going through the content you're just gonna love it!

"I am putting 100% of the RISK on myself!"

-Michael Griswold


"Oh, and One More Thing..."


Option #1: Silver Option #2:
Option #3:

The COMPLETE M3 System:
Including +18 step-by-step videos
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M1: Mindset go go go
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Making Up Made Easy eBook
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Audio Bonus 1: Your Questions Answered no go go
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Audio Bonus 3: Creating Confidence Subconsciously go go
Audio Bonus 4: Releasing Mp3 x go go
Video Bonus 1: iPod Therapy go
Video Bonus 2: The 3 Unforgivable Mistakes x x go
Video Bonus 3: The Patented "Ex Lie Detector" go
Video Bonus 4: The 1st Meet up Assessment x x go
Video Bonus 5: The Drunk-Dial Diffuser go
BONUS: Facebook Ju-Jitsu
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BONUS: What If Your Ex Seeing Somoene New?
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PRICE: $47 $97 $197 Now: $97


P.S. As every minute passes, the Window of Opportunity for winning back your ex gets smaller and smaller. Do not wait. Do not delay on the one you love. Take action today! Get your SOUL MATE back before it's too late! To reuniting your relationship!
michael griswold
-Michael Griswold

Thank You Michael!

I would love to do more coaching when the time comes to communicate with my ex. I learned so much from you! This is stuff that I have never, ever heard before about how to communicate with women. It is all so interesting to me! Thank you Michael!

-Alan F.
Twin Falls Idaho

Definitely looking forward to getting much help

Hi, This is Ryan again and I just wanna say prior to this conversation. I feel like exhausted at all means to figure out what I was doing myself and how to get this girl back. You know, you look for tomorrow trying to get somebody, but I really take a ways of living for now and trying to get my dignity back for one. And number two is really just trying to embrace the fear. And I'm definitely looking forward to getting much help as I possibly can in regards to this minute in the day and come out to be a stronger person and I'm looking forward to help in getting more help with the class in the 101. Thank you again.



I wish there was someway I could contact you, I know you're a busy guy. But, after getting M3(platinum) I am sooo much better now, deep down inside. I can confidently say I see a future with my ex. but first, I must fix myself. I would one day love to shake your hand.


I am so greatful for your tips and videos!

Because of your videos and tips I have slowly started to work things out with my ex. Before she used to not even talk to me but now we are talking and we are working through our problems. She is currently with someone else and I have let her know that I am happy for her if she is happy with this other person and that I would stop chasing after her, to which she retorted "You dont have to chase me anymore." She is still with him but I think she might end things with him. I am so greatful for your tips and videos. Thank you so much for helping me get back the girl that I love.

-Justin, Kentucky

It really Works!

I am a platnum M3 member also, and it trully does work! Spend the lil bit of money that it cost? Its worth every penny. I would pay thousands for this info!


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